Our favourite hair specialist is back with his top hair hacks to keeping your greys under control and over-night natural styles!






Whilst were all at home, make the most of this situation by treating your hair. Not having your hair colour done will give the hair a chance to rest and repair. Using deep treatments can help along the way of getting your hair to better condition such as products like Olaplex or the Mark Hill Argan Oil Hair Mask.

We all can’t get our roots done at the moment and we don’t HAVE to use heat… so let’s make the most of it!  Whilst letting your colour grow and rest, you can still have fun by using the L’Oreal root spray to cover any greys for a day or 2… or maybe even 3! If you are blonde, try a wash-in wash-out toner.







Styling your hair over-night is a way to get the natural look without the effort.

Put your hair into four or more plaits and sleep in them to give you that mermaid crimp for the next day! My top tip: apply a hair serum whilst plaiting for extra shine.






Use this time to learn styles at home that you were always curious or simply didn’t have the time to try. On your next night out (whenever that might be) you would have perfected your new look!

Whether it be curly or mermaid waves or high ponytails, you can use different products or try a new styling tool. Because remember, a change is as good as a rest haha.

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If you’re feeling really brave, try a wig in lock-down. In my range of wigs, I have fun wigs with wild colours or natural looking rooted wigs that are made from a luxury fibre.

Wigs are getting better and better these days and fibre wigs are a lot more affordable than human hair, so it’s a great place to start off without starting at the cheap synthetic looking wig styles haha!