Chanel No 5 celebrates its 100th anniversary with Chanel Factory 5

pop-up in Selfridges

For a century, N°5 has regularly reinvented itself and continues to surprise us. To celebrate the centenary of the iconic fragrance, the House of CHANEL has created a new, limited edition collection, to be discovered in its production site specially recreated for the public.

It’s been 100 years since Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel launched what was to become one of the most iconic fragrances in the history of scent – Chanel No 5. To mark the centenary, the French couture house has launched Chanel Factory 5, a limited-edition 17-piece bath and body collection across a series of global interactive pop-ups, including Selfridges London which is now open and running until 31st July.

Selfridges’ innovative Corner Shop is home to a new pop-up from Chanel where customers will be able to purchase the maison’s new 17-piece bath and body collection, Chanel Factory 5, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the iconic scent.

CHANEL FACTORY 5 symbolizes a return to the essence of the approach initiated by Gabrielle Chanel, her desire to break the codes and free herself from constraints. Through this concept, CHANEL proposes a return to the first packaging of N°5, which was a simple laboratory bottle, a functional object that became luxurious and iconic. CHANEL FACTORY 5 celebrates the fact that through the years, the idea of the first bottle is still present and accompanies N°5.


To celebrate N° 5 and its one hundred years of celebrity, CHANEL has developed CHANEL FACTORY 5, a revolutionary experience that has made it possible to produce a completely new collection, with N° 5 as its sole ingredient. Seventeen limited-edition products inspired by everyday objects, a reminder that wearing N° 5 transforms the ordinary.


Welcome to CHANEL FACTORY 5, a production site designed to resemble an ultra-modern factory. It is entirely dedicated to transforming N° 5 into collector’s items, a product of the intersection between robotic precision and human skill. A special place where the history of the world’s most iconic fragrance meets the future, where the legend of N° 5 continues to reinvent itself each and every day.

The experience provided in the 160 square-meter space is intended to be entertaining and offers a journey around the 17 products in this limited edition collection. In a factory setting, the public follows the product through the various production line workstations and ends its journey with a visit to the factory store where they can watch playful, offbeat demonstrations.

Don’t have time to head to the pop-up store? The House of CHANEL also offers a digital version!

Exclusive to Selfridges, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings will see the CHANEL FACTORY 5 Night Shift come to life. A distinct mood change where the Factory takes on a new energy complete with a DJ and FACTORY 5 ink stamp upon entry.

Selfridges Corner Shop
400 Oxford Street, London W1C 1JS
July 5 – 31 2021
10am – 9pm
(*4pm Thurs – Saturday: CHANEL FACTORY 5 Night Shift)
Free; walk-in