Post Corona we’re keen to take better care of our skin.

By Dr Rosh, Medical Director of leading Cheshire clinic KLNIK




As we emerge from lock-down we all want to put our best face forward. But months of being indoors, wearing face masks, worrying, anxious and quite possibly suffering from this dreadful virus will have taken its toll on our skin.


We’re hearing too that as we’ve had some more time, many of us have invested in a good skincare routine and have loved the benefits that it brings. Now lockdown is lifting signs are showing that Brits would rather spend their money and time on health, skincare and wellbeing than heading straight back to the pub!


Despite not being able to treat clients in clinic yet, since opening our appointment book again we’ve seen a huge surge of interest in new and pioneering treatments. Interest in bookings has skyrocketed as people have realised, they’d rather spend their money and time on continuing to look after their faces and bodies rather than going out drinking and eating again.


The Coronavirus crisis has changed us all and never more so than in the world of skincare, aesthetics and wellbeing as people are now really taking an interest in looking after themselves and are keen to present a new, refreshed version to the outside world as we come out of lockdown.


One of the main concerns we’ve heard from clients is going back to wearing make-up every day. Wearing cosmetics throughout the year can cause the pores to clog up and blackheads can appear. It’s important to have a good skincare routine but we recommend regular facials for a deeper clean. One treatment that has been in demand is the carbon laser peel by Lumenis or an LED treatment by Dermalux will really rejuvenate a tired complexion.


If you’ve got to start wearing cosmetics again every day, the key thing to remember is to keep your skin clean and hydrated. And keep going with that brand new skincare routine because it will keep you looking bright and healthy post-lockdown and beyond!