Eyal Booker has certainly been busy since he left the Love Island villa and got thrust into the world of celebrities. We caught up with Eyal to discuss quarantine life and home fitness.

How is quarantine life treating you? 

I’m getting on with it, as we all are. It definitely has its ups and downs and I think we naturally have good days and bad days but when I put everything into perspective, I’m incredibly grateful for what I have and the environment I’m in so I can’t complain.


As you are currently living so far from your girlfriend, Delilah, do you have any roommates to keep you company?

I live with my two brothers and for that I’m really lucky as I would struggle without any human interaction! It’s still really difficult as Delilah and I are so far away from each other and we don’t know when the next time we’ll see each is but we know we’re both in the same position.


Can you give any advice to others who may be living far from their loved ones?

Make the time over FaceTime or video call to make sure you’re communicating properly. Be transparent on how you’re feeling and talk through the difficulties you’re facing. Try and keep the romance alive with date nights and movie nights, and try and talk about things you are doing or watching so you have things to talk about. If you can, send flowers or make sure your loved one knows you’re thinking about them and missing them. Above all remember you are in this together and it won’t last forever – if you can get through this you can get through anything!

Your fitness schedule seems jam packed! Do you think you’ll continue to share workouts after the lock-down?

I will definitely continue to share workouts once all of this is over. It’s something that I’ve always done and will continue to do as I love sharing my workouts with my community and encouraging them to get the benefits of fitness. Fitness really has been getting me through some of the low points during lock-down and I know how mentally strong it keeps me, so I make sure it’s a priority. I do however also understand that everyone is facing different struggles during this time, so try and encourage people to do what they can and want to do, whatever that may be.


Other than workouts, what have you been doing to keep busy during this time?

I’ve got a dog which I’m walking every day and that also helps to keep my mind clear. I’m currently taking an online course to get a qualification in an area I’m passionate about too. I’ve also been binge watching different series and learning how to cook… Generally doing things I’ve been putting off for a while and taking a lot of time for self-care.


Model and television personality, Eyal Booker  @eyalbooker