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As a teacher and leader of Early Years and Primary education for over 7 years, every time half term or a holiday arrives most teachers hear the same comments; “you are so lucky you always get holidays”, well in fact the half term is never really a break for teachers (or parents/carers), it’s a time for preparing, planning, assessing and catching up with work. Of-course there will be time for family and friends too.

Equally, parents and carers may also feel as though this is not really a “break” and might feel anxious about preparing entertaining activities for children. Well… just as teachers continue to think of what is needed for the next term in school, it is similarly important that children are able to have fun over their holidays but also save some time for keeping up with the curriculum.

In light of the current situation that we are all in, we may be likely to have longer periods off school, and as such, parents and carers may find it difficult to think of new ways to keep children stimulated.  Therefore, I have put together a list of fun educational activities that can be carried out inside or outside over this time, which will work no matter the age of your children. These activities aim to boost all children’s personal, social, and emotional development.

You can even make it a bingo challenge, where children have to cross off how many activities they have completed!

1. Go on a bug/plant hunt and even build yourselves a bug hotel.

2. After going on a walk, create a journey map of things you have seen and the route you take.

3. Plant fruit or vegetables and later write a growing diary or label stages of growing on a cycle.

4. Make a den outside where children can act out a show or re-enact their favourite story.

5. Become photographers using smart phones or tablets.

6. Become a news reporter and report on what has been going on in your local area – written or filmed.

1. Cooking always supports mathematical, fine and gross motor skills.

2. Junk modelling – use any recyclable materials in your home and upcycle them to create new resourceful objects.

3. Become a teacher – where you can teach your younger or older siblings (or even parents) what you have been learning at school.

4. Play hot potato using a soft toy or ball – each player recites the times tables and who ever misses will be out.

5. After watching a film, children can create a book from a character’s perspective or write a diary entry from a part of the film.

6. Plan a treasure hunt where children must read and follow instructions.

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