We may be in a worldwide lock-down, but the show must go on! We caught up with one of our favourite Islanders Joanna Chimonides, to talk all things love, quarantine and TikTok!

Hi Joanna! How is quarantine life treating you?

HEY! Quarantine life is treating me well! Every day I have been setting myself goals and tasks to do, which has helped me keep my mind occupied. I do believe that being in the public eye has helped with keeping busy. Whether I am getting content on YouTube/Instagram/TikTok or interacting with followers over social media, there is always something to do, which is great!!

Can you tell us a little bit about your YouTube vlogs and what subjects you are covering?

So, when lock-down was announced, I was thinking of ways to not only keep myself busy but also to help others keep occupied throughout the lock-down period. So I put out to my followers that I’d do a vlog of my lock-down experience, which meant filming my life every day, showing them how me and my family are dealing with being on lock-down, ways to keep yourself busy and things to do! I have received such positive feedback already. My Nan has featured quite a bit too and everyone is loving it she’s so funny!

So far, the subjects I have covered are daily vlogs, Q&A’s, Agony Aunt, cooking, and beauty hacks! I think my next step is to take on challenges haha!

As much as we love the glam, we are loving the comedic side of you on Tiktok! Are you a “first time right” kind of TikToker or can you share an exclusive blooper with us?

AH! I loveeee TikTok! I think it’s so important to show people your personality! I find that Instagram is very static, therefore you can’t really show your funny, creative and geeky side! So I took on TikTok to show this!

I think it definitely took me a few tries to understand the app and concept haha! But I think the trick is to take your time to look through different videos, and find one that you can make your own and hope that the “sound” you want to use is trending at the time! It’s not always guaranteed but I’ve managed to somehow jump on a few trends at the right time. This in turn has helped with views and followers. It’s a guessing game but that’s what makes it fun I guess haha!

Who would you say has become a lifelong friend since leaving the Love Island villa?

I have made so many lifelong friends since leaving the villa! But one that springs to mind and this is crazy because were from different years of Love Island, is Kady. We met at a beauty event that I was modelling for, and then we both went on a trip to LA with JD Sports, and we just clicked! We speak every day and before the lock-down period, we were meeting up at least 2 times a week for a catch up haha! She’s great!!

Do you have any exciting collabs coming up?

I have a few things in the pipeline which is exciting and hope to get back to it after lock-down!! But for now, I am just excited to continue working with the amazing brands I work alongside of, and also focus on my YouTube channel whilst in isolation.

With such a busy schedule, are you finding time for love?

OH GOSH! Haha, where do I start?! I’m not sure I really remember how to act on a date it’s been that long! With my schedule being quite busy, I do struggle to find opportunities to meet someone, or be open to finding love when I know I don’t have the time for it! However, I am a true believer of when the time is right, it will happen! I also believe that everything in life is written out for us, so if now is the time for me to focus solely on the job I love to do, then love will find its way somehow at the right time. I am very much a positive thinker in respect to finding love!!

Has quarantine put you in touch with your culinary side? Any banana breads in store…

I think it’s been twice now that I have attempted to find my culinary side but I’m not sure it’s there haha! I tried to cook two dinners from scratch for my family and let’s just say, their faces weren’t too impressed! I ended up cooking tuna pasta salad (kind of cooking haha) and the next day I cooked cheesy broccoli pasta bake (tasted like nothing). I have yet to give it a third try haha. I should maybe try cooking things like banana bread or cakes, maybe I’d be better at that!

What is the first thing you want to do when the restrictions are lifted?

This is going to sound bizarre, but I am most definitely going to go to Starbucks or Costa coffee to grab a caramel latte! I am obsessed with coffee so that will be my plan straight away haha! Then I will go see my friends, I miss them like crazy!


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