If you’ve been spending your spare time organising your home or searching for ideas on creative ways to declutter, meet the duo who have taken the crown for the most desirable closets.

Styling duo to the stars, Style Sisters, specialise in the detox, organising and re-styling of your home and wardrobe.

Whilst quarantine may be holding the girls back from beautifying homes, Gemma and Charlotte have big plans ahead. 



When did you realise you had a knack for detoxing homes?


We have both, from an early age, would always change our own rooms round as well as friends and family. Neither of us can function if the house is up in the air and have always had a genuine passion for giving everything a home as well as making it look nice!


Which celebrity wardrobe has been your favourite to detox?


We genuinely couldn’t pick! It sounds so cliché but we absolutely love what we do and the feeling we create with our detoxes! We’ve been so lucky to have had such lovely clients that have gone on to become friends.


Which celebrity home would you love to organise?


We always say we would love to do Lady Gaga! Can you imagine how fun and interesting that would be and what we would find!


What work did you do before becoming The Style Sisters? 


Charlotte was in interior design and Gemma had her own fashion boutiques and was a fashion stylist.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

We get inspiration from so many places. The line between fashion and interiors is so thin and closely entwined that we often transfer ideas from one to the other. Pinterest, life around us and even Instagram inspire us in so many ways. We often ask our clients to send any photos of rooms/looks they like, then once we have their vibe we can create something fresh tailored to their tastes.

Do you think you will recruit and have a group of Style Sisters?


We are absolute perfectionists which is why we haven’t already, but we can definitely see us recruiting “Sisters” in the future.


How long and whose wardrobe has taken you the longest to detox?


Our longest wardrobe was Vicky Pattison! It took us 12 hours and we drove to Newcastle!


Do you have any exciting ventures coming up?


We are currently working on some exciting projects, were styling the whole of Danielle Armstrong’s house as well as finishing off the designing of Ferne Mcann’s walk-in-wardrobe and spare room!


Have you been detoxing your own homes in lock-down?


Our homes were pretty organised already but we have definitely been giving everything a once-over. Were both itching to get back to work! We miss doing what we do so much and of course each other!!


Can you give us your favourite tips on decluttering?


You need to get yourself in the mood! Set aside a day so your mentally prepared! Put some music on and get some snacks (essential ha!). Make a list of all the rooms you wish to tackle and set aside a day for each room, don’t expect to tackle everything in one day, it’s unrealistic and will totally overwhelm you! If the thought of doing a room seems daunting, start small. Start with an area of the room or a drawer! Small steps lead to a bigger picture and as you start ticking things off your list you will feel amazing and it will keep you motivated to do more!

If you’re going to do it, you really need to do it, which means getting everything out! Don’t leave no corner left unturned!

Give everything a home. If everything is allocated a home, it helps maintain a tidy and organised space.

Changing your hangers to slimline velvet hangers makes a massive difference in your wardrobe, they not only give you more space, they keep everything looking super stylish too!

Consider storing clothes seasonally if space is limited.

Make sure you’re only holding onto items you use and love!